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22/09/2020 Alice Brun

Pharmaceutical Excipients

Physical properties of excipients influence the stability, bioavailability, and processability of the dosage forms. Alfatestlab is equipped with all the analytical techniques necessary to support you in choosing the right excipient for you...


Additive Manufacturing: metal powder check

There is a direct correlation between the physical properties of the powder on the one hand and the performance of the process and the properties of the final components on the other. Therefore, characterisation of the powders allows for p...

15/09/2020 Alice Brun

API: solid state robust characterization in key to cut costs and time!

Characterization of the API solid state is key to reduce possible future manufacturing or formulation issues and cut drug product development costs and time.  Discover more!

31/08/2020 Alice Brun

Activated carbon: what is it and how to characterize its extraordinary properties?

Due to its high degree of microporosity, one gram of activated carbon can reach a surface area of 3,000 m2 as determined by gas adsorption. Discover more about its extraordinary properties!

28/07/2020 Maurizio Lugli

Gel rheology: improving productivity and ROI

The evaluation of different rheological agents and gelling components can lead to an economic saving. Obviously, if the original properties are kept in the final product. Find how in this tech note.


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