Particle sizes in my chocolate cake

In the food industry, control of the chemical and physical properties of ingredient is of paramount importance, both to ensure the quality, taste and nutritional characteristics of the finished product […]

Alfatestlab services for Food and Drinks industries

In Alfatestlab we support the food industry since several years in formulation, deformulation and bench-marking projects, trouble shooting and R&D by providing material characterization by innovative analytical techniques. Whether it’s solid, paste, […]

Flavour control in food industry

Flavour perception is made up of a combination of smell, taste, and texture. Sensory characteristics of food, in particular the taste and flavour, have a very specific effect on the […]

Chocolate analytical testing

Chocolate can be described as a suspension consisting of non-fat particles (sugar and cocoa solids and, eventually, milk powder particles) dispersed in cocoa butter as a continuous phase. The textural […]

Dissolution rate in food industry

The food industry is one of the most regulated industries in the world, as the mishandling of food products can have detrimental side effects. To achieve desired product performance and […]

There’s always time for a coffee break!

Italians love coffee. Drinking coffee is a kind of ritual for us: hurried or unhurried, there’s always time for a coffee break! Since coffee-drinking is so important to us, understanding how […]