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Particle shape

Range 0.1-10000 microns

The analysis of particle morphology is one of the services offered by Alfatestlab for the characterization of powders and liquid suspensions. In addition to particle size distribution, particle shape and agglomerates analysis deliver fundamental information for both R&D and troubleshooting of industrial processes. The particle morphology is useful to better understand various issues such as: friability of pharmaceutical tablets, mixing uniformity of different products (eg API and excipient), powder packing, inconsistent flowability problems, etc. Alfatestlab provides morphological analysis using automated image analysis and SEM (Scanning Electronic Microscope) equipped with dedicated software (Particlemetric), covering the measurement range 0.1 - 10.000 μm. Particle shape and particle size analysis techniques are also ideal for successfully validating granulometric analysis methods developed with other techniques (such as laser diffraction).

Instruments Morphologi 4-ID (Malvern Panalytical), Phenom Pharos (Phenom-World Thermo Scientific), Phenom XL (Phenom-World Thermo Scientific)
Samples Liquid dispersions, Powders
Industry Pharmaceutical, Additive manufacturing, Microplastics, Ceramics, Lithium-ion Batteries, Specialty chemicals, Nanosystems, nanoparticles and colloids, Fibers, Filters and Membranes, Advanced Materials and Composites

Automatic Image Analysis

Static Automated Image Analysis is the ideal technique to obtain, through high quality images on statistically representative numbers of particles, accurate information about particle shape (circularity, elongation, convexity, etc.), particle size and particle transparency. The reproducibility of the measurements obtained with the instrument installed in Alfatestlab is also guaranteed by an automated particle dispersion system. The technique is validated by the ISO13322-1: 2014.

We can perform automatic measurements on filters to quantify and differentiate the presence of contaminants or oversized particles, useful information for industries such as pharmaceutical, automotive, environmental, etc.

Thank to Morphologically Directed Raman Spectroscopy MDRS integrated in the Morphologi 4ID system Alfatestlab can provide Raman spectra of any particle in order to chemically identify it in a multi-component sample. Ask us more about it!

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) is used in many areas not strictly related to particles. For particle size and particle shape analysis, the SEM present in Alfatestlab is coupled to an automatic powder dispersion system on the stubs and to a dedicated software called ParticleMetric able to provide automatic reports on particle size distribution and particle shape.

Polymorphs discrimination using Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy

Several pharmaceutical ingredients (API) tend to crystallize in different crystalline packings (polymorphs). In a pharmaceutical formulation, the identity or the possible conversion of the API polymorph could alter the characteristics and the efficacy of the pharmaceutical form, leading to a different bioavailability. In this work we show how polymorphism can be successfully recognized and characterized by using MDRS (Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy), a powerful technique that combines automated particle imaging with Raman spectroscopy to provide particle size, shape and chemical identification in a single analysis.

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