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Particle size distribution

Range: 0.01 µm- 3500 µm

In Alfatestlab we are experts in particle size measurements of powders, suspensions and emulsions. An accurate particle size distribution measured with the right technique on a representative number of particles is a fundamental quality parameter for many products in numerous industries. Alfatestlab provides particle size distribution using laser diffraction in the range 0.01 μm - 3500 μm and Dynamic Light Scattering in the range 0.3nm-10um. Laser diffraction is today the most widely used technique in the world to obtain fast and accurate results on micronized products and not only and is regulated by ISO13320 and recognized by other standards and guidelines such as ASTM, USP, EP, JP. AlfatestLab is equipped with other particle sizing techniques such as Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (10-2000nm), Automatic Image Analysis (0.1-10000 um) or Scanning Electron Microscopy SEM, we are available to use to the most suitable technique for your application.

In AlfatestLab we are equipped to measure particle size distribution on dry or wet samples, thanks to various dispersion units available for various sample volumes.

Our analysis report shows the particle size distribution in particle volume, as well as all standard parameters D10, D50, D90, D4: 3, analysis conditions and parameters. Alfatestlab offers method development and transfer method (from Mastersizer2000 to Mastersizer3000) services.

Polymorphs discrimination using Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy

Several pharmaceutical ingredients (API) tend to crystallize in different crystalline packings (polymorphs). In a pharmaceutical formulation, the identity or the possible conversion of the API polymorph could alter the characteristics and the efficacy of the pharmaceutical form, leading to a different bioavailability. In this work we show how polymorphism can be successfully recognized and characterized by using MDRS (Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy), a powerful technique that combines automated particle imaging with Raman spectroscopy to provide particle size, shape and chemical identification in a single analysis.

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