Protein quantification


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Protein quantification

BioLayer Interferometry

The correct quantification of biomolecules is a fundamental aspect in the development, control and monitoring of any bioprocess: from screening and optimization of the best conditions of expression and purification up to the monitoring of biomolecules production on an industrial scale. Current techniques such as ELISA, Western Blot or HPLC require time, reagents and are often not very reproducible as well as not applicable on complex matrices such as raw extracts or cell lysates. Thanks to the BioLayer Interferometry technique, available in AlfatestLab we provide rapid, direct and absolute quantification, rather than a simple ranking, of biomolecules even in complex matrices in just 120 seconds per sample.

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The BioLayer Interferometry technique allows the direct quantification of biomolecules offering a valid and rapid alternative to ELISA tests and chromatographic measurements. The technique takes advantage of specific sensors to “capture” the active molecules present in solution. The association speed of these molecules on the sensor is proportional to their concentration. The sensors can be used in “dip-and-read” mode or can be created specifically for the detection and quantification of any biomolecule. The system enables the simultaneous analysis of 8 sensors using standard 96-well plates that can be analyzed in less than 30 minutes.