Real density/ Skeletal Density


Accupyc II 1340 (Micromeritics)

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Real density/ Skeletal Density

Alfatestlab provides real density analysis of solids, powders and slurries using helium picnometry. Density is an important physical characteristic of materials. It is defined as the relationship between the mass of an object and its volume. Density indicates the amount of a material that occupies a defined volume at a certain temperature. The measurement of solid or powder density is essential to ensure its quality and to control the production process, in order to avoid costly overdoses of raw and intermediate materials during production.

More Details

Helium Picnometry uses the gas displacement to determine the volume of the sample. The density is calculated using the sample weight, measured on an analytical balance. The instrument measures the volume of the sample, excluding the interstitial voids between the particles in the powders and any open porosity to which the gas has access in the individual particles. The internal porosity (closed) is instead included in the volume.

This test is normally performed at room temperature, but can also be performed between 0 ° C and 50 ° C (to be specified by the customer).