Single-cell Secretome & Proteome


Isolight (Isoplexis)

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Single-cell Secretome & Proteome

Highly Multiplexed Analysis

Alfatestlab offers a unique analytical service through the single-cell platform Isoplexis. The technology measures the “functional phenotype” of each cell, allowing for complete single-cell functional characterization.

Based on microfluidics chips, this technology enables researchers to detect how cells perform against a heterogeneous system, revealing functional biological drivers of persistence, potency, durability and more, through a highly multiplexed proteomics or secretomics analysis.

Our lab technicians and specialists offer their experience and knowledge to develop specific protocols for your applications and biological questions, tailoring the workflow, cell stimulation and enrichment on the needs and characteristics of your cell lines and samples.

More Details

Three core applications in one single platform

Isoplexis platform provides a unique solution to perform three different kinds of assays:

IsoCode chip Single-cell secretome

In each chip single cells are captured in microchambers to perform the multiplexed secretomics analysis. Following an overnight incubation, 30+ secreted molecules per single-cell are detected to identify the functional immune landscape. Several panels of target molecules and cytokines are available to cover different applications and different organisms (human, mouse or non-human primate). The measurement of the functional phenotype of each cell helps to accelerate the discovery of durable and highly predictive biomarkers of patient outcomes and responses.

IsoCode chip Single-cell intracellular Phosphoproteome

In this approach, single cells are captured inside microchambers and lised to perform an intracellular signaling omics analysis. The single-cell analysis allows the identification of the intracellular pathways activated by subsets of cells, enabling the prediction and targeting of the pathways that will arise adaptive resistance to treatment.

CodePlex chip

These chips are designed to quantify multiple bulk target molecules in a single automated assay, with as little as 11 ul of starting volume of sample per duplicate, providing a faster and more streamlined approach to generating multiplexed bulk proteomics data of biological fluids or supernatants.

Data analysis and report

Results can be presented as raw data or displayed through common or unique graphic representations in the IsoSpeak software. Below are some examples of data representations.


Fig. 1: Single-cell Functional Heterogeneity (tSNE)


Fig. 2: Single-cell Polyfunctional Strength Index (PSI)


Fig. 3:Single-cell Functional Subsets (Heatmap)

Fig.4 Single-cell PAT-PCA

Fig.5: Bulk analysis – aggregated visualization of protein concentration

Fig.6: Bulk analysis – individual sample visualization of protein concentration

Our Alfatestlab specialists are Isoplexis certified. Speed up your projects, from sample analysis to data publication, by working with experts trained directly by the Isoplexis company.

Download the certificate of our specialist Giulia Anselmi

Download the certificate of our lab analyst Martina Sarcinelli


Do want to know more about this technology? Would you like to discuss how to apply this technique to your project and how to define a specific workflow for your applications? Please reach out to us,click here.