Thermal Analysis


DSC7000X (Hitachi High-Tech), STA200RV (TG-DTA) (Hitachi High-Tech)

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Thermal Analysis

Material characterization throught thermal analysis techniques: DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) and STA (simultaneous thermal analysis, also known as TG-DTA or TG-DSC) instruments are available to perform studies upon a wide variety of materials.
In AlfatestLab we are equipped both with an STA system for TG-DTA measurements including furnace video option and a DSC with electrical cooling option. We can provide measurements in inert gas (nitrogen) or in air.

More Details

Temperature range:

  • STA200RV: RT-1000°C
  • DSC7000X: -80°C-500°C or RT-725°C


Alfatestlab provides STA (TG-DTA) combined measurements on a wide variety of materials as well as DSC analysis. Thermal analysis can provide a deep insight about the properties of your sample: thermogravimetry measures any mass change occurring to the sample submitted to a temperature ramp, such as thermal or oxidative decomposition, oxidation, dehydration, and vaporization. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), on the other hand, allows to characterize a wide range of physical phenomena, such as phase transitions (melting, crystallization, glass transition and Specific Heat Capacity associated with these transitions), chemical reactions (oxidation and curing or polymerization) and many others (micelle formation, thermal denaturation and gelatinization).

The RealView option allows to register a video of the sample during the analysis, providing a unique and powerful tool to data interpretation.