Particle size distribution

Particle size distribution analysis is one of the services offered by Alfatestlab for the characterisation of powder, suspension and emulsion products.

Exosomes and EVs characterization

Alfatestlab offers Basic analysis package as well as Advanced analysis package, in any case we provide Guaranted analysis upon delivery2 2 Upon agreement on sample shipment date  Basic analysis package includes: […]

High pressure homogenizer

In a Microfluidizer system, a pump pushes the sample into a patented unique interaction chamber at 400 m/s creating very high shear forces associated with very high impact forces, thanks […]

Nanosystems characterization

Alfatestlab is equipped with the following technologies: Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) for particle size measurement Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS) for size and concentration analysis Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS) for […]