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Home & Personal Care

Home & Personal Care

Alfatestlab can help researchers in cosmetic formulation by analyzing precisely and keeping under control a large number of physical parameters, both for fluids and powders, raw materials and final products.

At Alfatestlab we understand the importance of controlling the properties of skincare cremes, lotions, shampoos, shower gels, nail varnishes, lipsticks, etc.: we provide accurate and objective measurement of physical and thermal stability, rheological properties, particle size, etc. to support you in the production of high quality products, easy to spread, with the desire texture and stability for their entire shelf life.  

Alfatestlab can as well support you in the development of powders make-up providing complete studies of powder properties such as flowability, compaction, bulk density (using the unique FT4 powder rheometer), particle size and shape. 

Our support will ensure the overall quality of your products, by ensuring the quality of raw materials and contolling stability and applicability, solving incoming quality issues or allowing to accelerate time-to-market of new products.

Suspensions, emulsions and gels

In liquid dispersions and gels, the folowing interconnected parameters can influence macroscopic properties such as stability, processability and spreadability. In Alfatestlab we can provide a complete study incluing all of these parameters:

  • particle size
  • particle shape and other morphological parameters
  • objective and quick physical stability by multiple light scattering More info here
  • viscosity
  • visco-elastic properties such as yield stress, flowability, etc More info here

In addition to the product characterization, ALFATESTlab offers its customers the innovative laboratory scale process from Microfluidics for uniform particle size reduction and stability improvement of emulsions or suspensions, ideal on a wide range of products including creams, mascara, lipsticks, sunscreens for quality and stability improvement.

Dry powders

In Alfatestlab we are equipped to provide the following measurements of powders:

  • particle size
  • shape and other morphological parameters
  • BET surface area
  • density
  • porosity
  • water absorption
  • flowability and compaction properties


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