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Nanosystems, nanoparticles and colloids

Nanosystems, nanoparticles and colloids

Nanosystems have been deeply explored in the last decade and the interest is constantly growing as they find applications in drug delivery, diagnosis, sensing, therapeutics, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and medical devices, in many cases nanosystems production has scaled up from laboratory to industrial production level.

In Alfatestlab we are experts in particle characterization since decades and naturally we have entered the nanosystems world, for numerous application fields such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, materials, polymers, chemistry, life sciences, ceramic, food, inks and paints, and environment. Our lab offers a fully integrated range of advanced instruments for characterizing the physical and chemical properties of nanosystems.

When bulk materials are sized down to a smaller scale they start exhibiting new features. Thus, in comparison to conventional systems, nanosystems show distinct physical, chemical, and biological properties that have to be characterized, and in many cases modified or optimized for a specific application. The behavior of nanoparticles is largely governed by their nanometer dimensions. As such, throughout nanoparticle characterization, the investigation of size, shape, surface charge and porosity is a fundamental step for the complete understanding and prediction of their behavior, stability over time, tendency to agglomerate, chemical activity, biocompatibility and cytotoxicity.

In Alfatestlab we provide:

  • size, shape and concentration measurement of nanoparticles
  • characterization of diluted and concentrated colloidal suspensions stability
  • rheological analysis to understand the interactions and structures involved in nanosystems
  • surface and porosity characterization of nanoparticles.

In addition to product characterization, Alfatestlab can help you in the production of stable colloidal systems and nano-dispersions, including nano emulsions and liposomes, thanks to a lab scale homogenization process (Microfluidizer technology) that allows the uniform particle size reduction, aggregate removal and stability improvement of emulsions or suspensions.


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