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Inks, paints and coatings

Inks and paints

Alfatestlab can help you characterizing inks, paints and coatings properties such as coverage, leveling, adhesion properties, viscosity through rheological and particle size measurements. We also provide an objective and quick stability measurement using light scattering techniques to accelerate your product time-to-market.

At Alfatestlab we understand that the control of specific parameters is crucial also for digital printing inks to optimize the formulations and prevent flocculation phenomena that would affect the print quality. For the latter, in addition to the product properties characterization, Alfatestlab can help you in the production of stable high quality inks, providing an innovative laboratory scale homogenization (Microfluidizer technology) for uniform particle size reduction, aggregate removal and stability improvement of emulsions or suspensions.

Powder coatings

At Alfatestlab we know the importance of a careful particle size control for the final powder coating quality. The development of such products, with a widden range of applications, has led to the introduction of ever more complex formulations (for example the metallic powder coatings) for which the particle size alone cannot be a sufficient control parameter to ensure quality. At Alfatestlab we provide orthogonal technologies such as morphology and surface area to deliver important further information to understand the performance of a powder coating and optimise formulations.

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