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Specialty chemicals

Specialty chemicals

At Alfatestlab we are experts in materials characterization and this includes specialty chemicals such as catalyts, adhesives and sealents, detergents and surfactants, lubrificants, etc. Optimising a formulation or formulating an innovative chemical product may require characterization techniques not yet available in your lab. Alfatestlab can provide a unique technological platform and the related expertise to support your project on:


In Alfatest we can analyse properties such as porosity (micro, meso and macro pores), surface area and particle size (for example in the case where the porous structure uses nanoparticles as precursors) to improve catalyst activity and efficiency.

Adhesives and sealents

In Alfatest our experts can perform rheology measurements (viscosity and viscoelasticity), particle size analysis and provide high-resolution images (SEM images) to help you understand the influence of formulation parameters on the product behavior such as coverage property and / or stability.

Detergents and Surfactants

Alfatestlab can provide orthogonal techniques such as zeta potential and rheology analysis to determine the CMC (critical micellar concentration) of surfactants, and understand the influence of pH and concentration on the micellar size.
With high resolution images such as SEM images we can help checking precisely the  detergent ability to remove dirt and preserve the tissues.
Particle size and surface area parameters are useful to characterize final formulations or raw materials of powder detergent.


In Alfatestlab we are experts in liquid dispersions characterization. Our technical platform allow us to study lubricants based on emulsions controlling the size of the emulsion droplets and their stability (avoiding coalescence and creaming), as we understand these are fundamental aspects for the efficiency of these products.
Alfatestlab can also help you optimize your formulations, providing an innovative laboratory scale homogenization (Microfluidizer technology) for uniform particle size reduction, aggregate removal and stability improvement of emulsions.

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More details here below on our analytical services for Specialty chemicals: