Particle size distribution

Particle size distribution analysis is one of the services offered by Alfatestlab for the characterisation of powder, suspension and emulsion products.

Particle shape

Automatic Image Analysis Static Automated Image Analysis is the ideal technique to obtain, through high quality images on statistically representative numbers of particles, accurate information about particle shape (circularity, elongation, […]

Cell rupture

Why using Microfluidizer® technology for cell rupture? Highest protein integrity recovery Precisely controlled shear rates enable Microfluidizer® technology customers to use the minimum pressure required to rupture the target level […]

Biomolecular interactions

BLI BioLayer Interferometry Our Octet Red96 instrument, based on the BioLayer Interferometry technique, allows both the affinity and kinetics analysis. The technique uses specific sensors to immobilize one of the […]

Protein quantification

The BioLayer Interferometry technique allows the direct quantification of biomolecules offering a valid and rapid alternative to ELISA tests and chromatographic measurements. The technique takes advantage of specific sensors to […]

Single-cell Secretome & Proteome

Three core applications in one single platform Isoplexis platform provides a unique solution to perform three different kinds of assays: IsoCode chip Single-cell secretome In each chip single cells are […]

Sensory analysis

Quality Control The consumer expects that his favourite products have a constant sensory quality. With objective and reliable measurements, the electronic nose helps to control the sensory profile of products […]

High pressure homogenizer

In a Microfluidizer system, a pump pushes the sample into a patented unique interaction chamber at 400 m/s creating very high shear forces associated with very high impact forces, thanks […]

Stability analysis

Static Multiple Light scattering to offer accelerated aging tests. SMLS is a consolidated technique for stability analysis allowing to detect and characterize destabilization phenomenon in a concentrated media (sedimentation or […]