Particle size distribution

Particle size distribution analysis is one of the services offered by Alfatestlab for the characterisation of powder, suspension and emulsion products. Accurate particle size distribution over a representative number of particles is a key quality parameter for a variety of products in many industries.

Particle shape

The analysis of particle morphology is one of the services offered by Alfatestlab for the characterization of powders and liquid suspensions. In addition to particle size distribution, particle shape and agglomerates analysis deliver fundamental information for both R&D and troubleshooting of industrial processes.

Cell rupture

In AlfatestLab we use Microfluidizer technology for effective cell lysis on any type of cells:  bacterial, mammalian, plant, insect, fungi, algae and yeast cells – while ensuring a high protein recovery. Microfluidizer® technology breaks cells with high efficiency while maintaining intracellular contents integrity and allow for easiest downstream purification.

Biomolecular interactions

AlfatestLab uses 2 extremely versatile analytical techniques, ITC microcalorimetry and BioLayer Interferometry (BLI), to study interactions without molecular weight limits, in native conditions, label-free and in real time, in the mM-nM field.

Protein quantification

The correct quantification of biomolecules is a fundamental aspect in the development, control and monitoring of any bioprocess: from screening and optimization of the best conditions of expression and purification up to the monitoring of biomolecules production on an industrial scale.

Single-cell Secretome & Proteome

Alfatestlab offers a unique analytical service through the single-cell platform Isoplexis. The technology measures the “functional phenotype” of each cell, allowing for complete single-cell functional characterization.

High pressure homogenizer

In AlfatestLab we are equipped with a Microfluidizer, for the high-pressure homogenization of dispersions. This unique technology that ensures scale-up * allows for the reduction of particle size or emulsion droplets, the disaggregation, the encapsulation of active ingredients, the formation of SUV or liposomes from MLV, and therefore the lab-scale production of nano – stable dispersions. Contact us to process your samples in AlfatestLab, including pre and post process granulometric analysis in the service.

Stability analysis

Liquid dispersions, suspensions and emulsions, are encountered in a wide range of industry including Food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care, paint, ceramics, speciality chemicals…. Stability is a key parameter that will impact processing, performance, appearance, texture, storage condition and shelf life of the final product.

High resolution SEM images

Alfatestlab provides scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images including elemental analysis EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis) when required. SEM images and EDX analysis provide fundamental information with a resolution down to 10nm.

Real density/ Skeletal Density

Alfatestlab provides real density analysis of solids, powders and slurries using helium picnometry. Density is an important physical characteristic of materials. It is defined as the relationship between the mass of an object and its volume. Density indicates the amount of a material that occupies a defined volume at a certain temperature.