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High resolution SEM images

Elemental analysis

Alfatestlab provides scanning electron microscopy (SEM) images including elemental analysis EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis) when required. SEM images and EDX analysis provide fundamental information with a resolution down to 10nm. Thanks to a dedicated software, Alfatestlab can provide additional data using embeded image analysis algorithms dedicated to various applications: fiber analysis (membranes, filters), size and shape analysis of particles, size and shape of pores, analysis on frozen samples (biological samples and in general liquids), imaging of three-dimensional objects, failure analysis etc. Ask us about your application!

Instruments Phenom Pharos (Phenom-World Thermo Scientific), Phenom XL (Phenom-World Thermo Scientific)
Samples Particles, Powders, Biomolecules, Materials
Industry Pharmaceutical, Additive manufacturing, Microplastics, Failure Analysis, Ceramics, Lithium-ion Batteries, Environment: soil and water analysis, Fibers, Filters and Membranes, Advanced Materials and Composites
Polymorphs discrimination using Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy

Several pharmaceutical ingredients (API) tend to crystallize in different crystalline packings (polymorphs). In a pharmaceutical formulation, the identity or the possible conversion of the API polymorph could alter the characteristics and the efficacy of the pharmaceutical form, leading to a different bioavailability. In this work we show how polymorphism can be successfully recognized and characterized by using MDRS (Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy), a powerful technique that combines automated particle imaging with Raman spectroscopy to provide particle size, shape and chemical identification in a single analysis.

International Women's day 2019

Lead flowers to remember the discrimination and violence that women have been and are still the subject in almost all parts of the world. Find out more by clicking

Metal powders flow issues

A good understanding of powders behaviour allows you to optimize productivity and improve product quality. Freeman Technology's FT4 powder rheometer is the best technique to understand and resolve powder flow issues.

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