We wish you a merry Christmas!

A special holiday greeting from all of us at Alfatestlab! We will remain open during the Christmas season except from December 27th to 30th Shall you need any information, please don’t hesitate […]

Alfatestlab services for Home & Personal Care industry

Alfatestlab is equipped with a full range of scientific instruments to analyse and optimize cosmetic formulations, in powder or liquid form, creams, gels, suspensions containing un-dissolved solids, emulsions, etc. for […]

Characterization of Generic Nasal Spray suspension drugs

We would like to mention here 2 interesting articles from Brandon J.Thomas [1] and Gonçalo Farias [2] published in 2021: both articles are related to nasal suspension sprays and the characterization of particle size […]

Particle sizes in my chocolate cake

In the food industry, control of the chemical and physical properties of ingredient is of paramount importance, both to ensure the quality, taste and nutritional characteristics of the finished product […]

Alfatestlab services for Food and Drinks industries

In Alfatestlab we support the food industry since several years in formulation, deformulation and bench-marking projects, trouble shooting and R&D by providing material characterization by innovative analytical techniques. Whether it’s solid, paste, […]

Battery material testing

Li-Ion batteries are rechargeable devices with higher performances and efficiency than the traditional non-rechargeable alkaline and zinc-carbon batteries, thanks to the high energy density, the resistance to self-discharge and the […]

Characterization of Microplastics

Microplastics are defined as pieces of plastic that are less than 5mm in size. They can be released directly from the production or use of consumer products (primary microplastics), or […]