Particle size distribution

Particle size distribution analysis is one of the services offered by Alfatestlab for the characterisation of powder, suspension and emulsion products. Accurate particle size distribution over a representative number of particles is a key quality parameter for a variety of products in many industries.

High pressure homogenizer

In AlfatestLab we are equipped with a Microfluidizer, for the high-pressure homogenization of dispersions. This unique technology that ensures scale-up * allows for the reduction of particle size or emulsion droplets, the disaggregation, the encapsulation of active ingredients, the formation of SUV or liposomes from MLV, and therefore the lab-scale production of nano – stable dispersions. Contact us to process your samples in AlfatestLab, including pre and post process granulometric analysis in the service.

Stability analysis

Liquid dispersions, suspensions and emulsions, are encountered in a wide range of industry including Food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care, paint, ceramics, speciality chemicals…. Stability is a key parameter that will impact processing, performance, appearance, texture, storage condition and shelf life of the final product.

Rheology: viscosity and flow behaviour

In Alfatestlab we are experts in rheological characterization. We can support you to study the viscosity and viscoelastic properties of a wide range of fluids, semi-solid materials and dispersions: gels and hydrogels, body creams, toothpastes, oils, paints, inks, polymeric dispersions, bitumen, plastic materials, mayonnaises, jams, honey, etc.

Nanosystems characterization

In Alfatestlab we are experts in nano-systems characterization. Particle size, particle concentration and charge are of fundamental importance to assess nano-systems suitability for the intended application.

Powder rheology

Alfatestlab provides a complete characterization of powder behaviour thanks to the use of the unique FT4 Powder Rheometer®. The characteristics of a powder are of fundamental importance in the good performances of innumerable industrial processes and in the performance of many products.

Thermal Analysis

Material characterization throught thermal analysis techniques: DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) and STA (simultaneous thermal analysis, also known as TG-DTA or TG-DSC) instruments are available to perform studies upon a wide variety of materials.