Powder rheology


FT4 Powder Rheometer® (Freeman Technology Micromeritics)

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Powder rheology

Alfatestlab provides a complete characterization of powder behaviour thanks to the use of the unique FT4 Powder Rheometer®. The characteristics of a powder are of fundamental importance in the good performances of innumerable industrial processes and in the performance of many products. The behaviour of a powder, for example in terms of flowability, is influenced by intrinsic characteristics of the particles such as: particle size, morphology, surface area, density, porosity, electrostatic charge, hardness etc. Several external or environmental characteristics may also influence the powder characteristics, which can show different and unexpected behaviours. For example, the same powder can flow or not flow according to the degree of consolidation, aeration, humidity, etc. If you are facing such issues, contact us to understand how powder rheology can help you!

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Thanks to the FT4 powder rheometer in Alfatestlab, we are able to analyse powder response when simulating different environmental conditions in order to better understand the reason for some behaviours, helping you to improve the quality of your formulations and the efficiency of your production processes.